The 1 Thing Nobody Tells You About Digital Marketing

Behind every guy or gal you see online offering free trainings, showing cool videos in private jets, and offering the solution to all your problems was a guy like me.

The problem is, these people rely on teaching online marketing as their single source of income - if they weren’t teaching people how to market online, they wouldn’t be making money online.

I did the opposite.

You’ve never heard of me, but you’ve definitely seen my work.

Jordan Menard

I write from anyone’s 1st person to tell their story to an audience in order to engage their attention and drive them to what we call a value prop.

When all these guys had problems with their ads, I was the guy they would call.

I would hop on a $3,000 per 3 hour consulting session, or sometimes they would offer me $10-$15k per month plus a profit share, and I would drive insane amounts of traffic to their funnels.

I started an agency out of my living room that quickly grew to do mid six figures every single month, and I began traveling the world teaching at conferences all about media buying.

I never wanted to make a course because all the people I saw making courses didn’t really know what they were talking about.

I knew that what I knew could help anyone that wanted to truly be financially independent, but I didn’t want to be the one that told them I could help them.

One of those turds standing in front of a lambo, selling people a bill of goods they don’t need packaged as the key to their happiness.

I didn’t want to be labeled “one of those guys”.

It wasn’t until I was doing keyword research for some headlines for a client that I realized how many people were actually searching for digital marketing advice, and how terrible most of that advice was.

I also realized there were a lot of people who were neglecting to tell you the most important part of digital marketing - you have to learn how to reprogram your mind.


I also realized that if I’m never going to dangle materialistic things in front of people to show them I know what I’m talking about - my work and content speaks for itself.

If you don’t solve the major issues that are preventing you from becoming the person that is capable of solving high impact problems, then what value are you really?

Now let me make 1 thing clear - I don’t even use social media.

I don’t post on Facebook.

My Instagram posts are months apart.

I don’t post pictures of me in a private jet, or hanging out with drugged-out tigers, and I don’t put words like “Visionary” in my Facebook profile.

...but I do get 3-15 requests in my inbox every single day asking me to run ads for somebody.

They’re offering me $3-$7k monthly retainer plus commission to run ads for them.

Problem is, I can’t.

I have too much on my plate.

This is why I created Traffic Pilot.

The demand here is real - and seriously under fed.

I created a course that will actually teach you the real skills, techniques, and mindset you need to be successful as a media buyer - the same skills I use to run my agency, which puts up ~ $400,000 per month for our clients.

The reality is if you build on a foundation of media buying, you can do whatever you want.

You can learn how to be an entrepreneur; someone who has their own product and learns how to market it digitally and make as much money as you want.

You can buy media professionally; entry level salaries are $48,000 and the work is remote. The standard for a skilled media buyer is $100,000 per year and this profession is in short demand. The more companies realize the value of having an internal media buyer, the higher the price tag goes for the gatekeeper of the leads.

You can work independently; I can teach you the same skills that lead to my digital marketing consulting business making me $1,000 per hour - all you have to do is know the right thing to say.

All you have to do is master 1 thing - media buying.

The good news is, right now is the perfect time for anyone to get started, no matter where they are in their digital marketing journey.

Now, this isn’t the 1 thing nobody tells you - but it is a thing that not enough people are talking about.

Media buying is like a magic wand;

Your product needs sales?

Run ads.

Webinar needs attendees?

Run ads.

Calendar needs appointments?

Run ads.

Your restaurant needs foot traffic?

Run ads.

You need leads for insurance?

Run ads.

You need leads for literally anything?

Run ads.

You want to change political opinion?

Run ads.

You want to get more Spotify streams?

Run ads.

The media buyer is the person who makes those ads run - yet nobody has really realized how valuable the profession is.

They also haven’t realized how much power it truly has - it’s controlling the spigot for the lead flow of any business you choose.

It’s like being a blacksmith in the age of rocks & slingshots.

Now before we get to the 1 thing nobody tells you about digital marketing, let’s look at why this is your last chance to get in on this game while it’s still the Wild, Wild West.

It’s been refined a ton already - however, if you do it right, there has still never been a time for someone to easily get as many leads from as many target audiences from their living room.

I would know - I created an agency that generates over $400k a month from my living room I shared with my girlfriend and hyperactive little golden retriever.

Now is the digital gold rush.

Face it, now, more than ever, your best opportunities lie within the digital realm. With more & more millionaires joining the ranks than ever before, the only logical answer can be found within digital marketing. Today’s digital gold rush isn’t any different then the original Gold Rush, where gold diggers were crawling over each other looking for that shiney rich nugget of gold - the competition is stiff. But something to note is that more money was made from the middlemen during the Gold Rush than the actual miners — So Stop Digging! Start Selling Shovels!

Picks & shovels have been traded for traffic and building the roads of the new frontier has given way to vendors who offer the products that make our lives better.

As the middleman, I journey into the deepest, dustiest gold mines, day in & day out, linking together my client’s high-ticket offers with millions of qualified leads.

The only difference is that I do it barefoot.

Unlike the mining of olden-times, we don’t have to travel cross-country to claim our stakes, and we don’t have to swing axes to extract the valuable minerals beneath the surface.

All you have to do today, as a full stack marketer, is plug into a laptop, grab a wifi connection, and voyage into a world of infinite possibilities between users & brands — where the pickings are plentiful & rewards are incredible for those who navigate wisely.

As a media buyer, you can’t rely on outside sources to factor into your success - it takes grit.

You’ve always desired a life free of demanding bosses, right?

Well, this is that life - where you intuitively carry the keys to your very success with every ad you buy.

And if you’re able to unlock this 1 linchpin skill, then you’re going to have a one-way ticket to the life you’ve always dreamed of - where clients are begging to pay you some serious monthly retainers.

There’s always going to be an essential place for online business & no matter what the market’s currently up to, full-stack marketers are always going to be in high demand.

If you can see yourself settling into a cushiony $10k base monthly salary, before commissions even start rolling in, then you have to first imagine what you have to do to get there.

For me, it all started when I was mind-numbingly drawn into the type of funnel I’ve now gained serious street cred for perfecting, as soon I saw what they had done, what they made me do, and how they seemingly flipped an unknowing victim into a potential customer - my mind was blown.

It was at that moment that I embarked on my journey to be the best media buyer in the world - but I had no idea this journey would change who I was as a person.

Look, the secret to creating the digital entrepreneur life you’ve always dreamed of isn’t found at a single University out there - it’s not about inventing a revolutionary product or becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s about putting in the work and that takes time.

Stay patient, hungry.

Calm, cool, collected.

Centered on the vision.

Most importantly, find good information!

The key is starting now and getting 1% better every single day.

It never gets harder.

If you’re ready to start your digital marketing career, Traffic Pilot is everything you need to actually create whatever type of online business you want.

It’s freedom.

Start here:

Once you’ve paid your dues and have mastered the skills, techniques and mindset that becoming a full stack marketer requires, you seemingly attain the power of printing money on demand.

So many of the dorky gurus making fake courses out there have no receipts; they can’t prove how they’re making money online outside selling a course that makes money online.

I actually run my own business, I employ 6 full time employees, we have long-standing relationships with high-end clientele and spend bookoo bucks every day creating, optimizing, and scaling their ads.

Too much information alone is a recipe for disaster, but taking in bad information?

Finding the wrong information is gonna leave you running a marathon in the wrong direction of success.

If you start off even by 1 degree, by the time you get where you’re supposed to be going you’ll be hundreds of miles away.

And this is the true secret of digital marketing.

There is no secret.

You have to master your mind and use the tactics everyone uses effectively.

If you find a clever way to do it, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Traffic Pilot is the only course that looks at the real issues of why we are not able to succeed and addresses them before providing battle-tested digital marketing tactics along with copy and paste done-for-you funnels you just have to tweak and launch.

If you want freedom and are willing to put in the work to get it, then start here:

If not, thanks for reading this far - I’m impressed.


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