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The only way to teach people how to be exceptional in an industry that changes every 15 seconds is to teach people how to program their brains to be exponentially clearer, more focused, and purpose-driven through a practical, simple, and science-backed methodology.

Traffic Pilot is a battle-tested framework & community designed from years behind the scenes media buying for the world’s top brands.


The ultimate catalyst for a better future

To truly become a successful entrepreneur, business strategy alone isn’t going to cut it. You need to immerse yourself in the lifestyle


Proven Process

The best way to learn is by taking action. Our step-by-step “Traffic plans” place you within real world scenarios. Turning the guesswork of scaling your business into an easy to duplicate formula.


Reprogram Your Mind

Take control over your mind. Know, in your mind, what it is you need to do, in order to create the life that you truly desire and deserve. Then, turn those thoughts into actions and those actions into daily habits.


Entrepreneur Community

Surround yourself with an active community of like-minded entrepreneurs who all have a similar passion for crushing it online. Share insights, encourage each other, hold each other accountable, collaborate, and have a good time.


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Roadblocks are an inevitable part of running any business, however, when the answer to those massive problems is just a click or phone call away, you can rest assured that those “rough patches” will quickly turn into minor inconveniences.

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When you join Traffic Pilot you will receive exclusive access to our revolutionary e-learning platform. We offer the 6-week program in multiple formats so you can learn however suits you best. Watch the videos in stunning 1080p HD, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Live Weekly Trainings

When you join Traffic Pilot you are joining a wildly active & thriving community of entrepreneurs, all on the same wavelength as you. Look, entrepreneurship is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get it. If you want to last a lifetime in this industry your sword’s going to need consistent sharpening. Stay updated on the latest trends with live weekly Q&A’s, every week. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!


Flight plan and timeline

Over the course of 6 weeks we’ll help you create a high-converting offer & your business to the next level, here’s how

4 Modules


  • Day 1: Flight Preparation00:35:47

    Life is all about choices. In fact, you can easily argue that life itself is simply a series of choices sequentially being made every second of every day. Right now, you have the choice to read this and learn something that could change your life or you have the choice to walk away and continue living life as you were. You could literally pick up your computer right now and throw it across the room, now that may not be the best choice, but it’s a choice nonetheless. Let’s say you get cut off in rush hour traffic, you can flip the person off, throw out a few expletives and let it bother you for the rest of the night. Or you can continue living your life without any of that added stress and keep driving. It’s truly up to you.

    Unless you’re born out of royalty, are heir of a major fortune 500 company, struck gold or won the lottery, then chances are you are going to have to earn your success like the rest of us. But what’s the difference between successful people & unsuccessful people? When the cards are laid flat and all is out for everyone to see, the fact of the matter is, successful people are successful because they know how to consistently go through life always making the right choices.

    It’s impossible to make the right choices if your brain’s bogged down by a million different things at once. Like a grain of sand in an hourglass, we must pass the choices through our brains one at a time in order to efficiently and effectively process each one with our best intentions in mind. That’s where essentialism comes into play. Through essentialism, we are able to navigate our way through life by only following through with actions that are essential to who you want to be at the core.

    Once you have decided what is essential, you will find that with a bit of practice, knowing what is essential and what isn’t will start to happen instantly and unconsciously. When this happens & when you are given the choice between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, a successful person's best practice is only to say ‘yes’ to things you would ‘Hell Yeah!’ to. If it’s not an instant & ecstatic ‘Yes!’ than chances are the choice is better off a ‘no’.

    The fact is, you can’t have everything. And if you can’t have everything, then you can’t say yes to everything. Therefore, in order to attain the things you truly want, you can only say yes to the things that will help you get there.

    Day 2: The Power of Tiny Wins00:31:36

    The reason people fail when they try to succeed isn’t as obvious as you may think. Most people think failure is the result of poor tactics, bad business plans, disorganization, etc. While those things definitely cause a lot of business failure, the reason most people aren’t successful has nothing to do with the strategies or tactics they know; it’s because they don’t have the character required to be successful.

    Day 2 attacks this dilemma directly, and looks at neural reprogramming via character-based habits.

    It’s based on a simple premise; There are no big steps.

    If you execute on the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.

    So how do we get better at executing on the simple things?

    How can we reprogram our own minds when we can’t touch them?

    An oversimplification of how we function as humans with brains and personalities is the brain + the mind = us. Therefore if we can change our brain ( the connections being made ) we can change our mind.

    To put simply, habits make brain connections. Control your habits, and you control your mental programming. There are 4 stages of habit.

    • 1. Cue - external , triggers craving
    • 2. Craving - motivation, craving the reward
    • 3. Response - actual habit itself
    • 4. Reward

    The longer and more frequent the habit is repeated, the stronger the neurological pathways forging the habit become. Day 2 gives you more than just information; it gives you the tools to reprogram your mind to make success a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Day 3: How to Achieve Lift00:32:54

    Have you ever been working on a task that required intense focus for a long period of time? Have you ever found yourself randomly scrolling through Instagram, or feel phantom vibrations from your phone when there is no notification?

    These are the result of unearned dopamine loops established in the brain through the myriad of platforms that are designed to maximize user retention and time on platform. The negative side effect of overstimulation via social media platforms is compounding; the more you use, the more you need to feel the same effect, and the more you will the urge to check, post, share, etc.

    The only solution to rebuilding the ability to focus is through a dopamine detox. To put it simply, dopamine is motivation, good or bad. The brain receives dopamine in binary; IE, it gets dopamine and is motivated to receive more of it or it doesn’t, it doesn’t care if the thing providing dopamine is good or bad for us.

    Day 4: Pre-Flight Checklist00:25:03

    At this point, you’re going to figure out how to stay motivated over the long-term & avoid falling into those dopamine traps we talked about day 3. The way we’re going to begin this process is simply by creating a check-list.

    Creating a list allows you to take preliminary steps towards prioritizing the most essential tasks that feed into accomplishing your goals. Correspondingly, they eliminate the decision making process. If you have a well-thought out checklist, then there is no question as to what you should be doing at any given moment - the answer’s always on the list.

    In order to start finding solutions, first we must identify the problems & bottlenecks in our lives. There are essentially 3 types of problems: easy, complicated & complex.

    Since the answer is always on the list, in order to consistently make the best decision, the right decision, the type of decision successful people make, then the only way we can succeed is we have a checklist. Never underestimate the complexity of your task, it’ll ruin your productivity - simple checklists are the antidote to complexity.

    With more space in mind to think freely, you are now inhibitually rewarded with a new found sense of creativity and discipline. On top of that, you now have an increased sense of awareness on who you need to reach out to and communicate with in order to get further in your goals. In an oversaturated digital world, a checklist reminds you to communicate, to establish teamwork, and also creates more unity between your network.

    With the right check-list you now know exactly what you have to do and are inadvertently holding yourself accountable in the process. Hand-writing your list & hand-checking off your tasks will create a sense of responsibility over accomplishing those tasks.

    Now that you’ve created your vision & know what you have to do, you’re now ready to start preparing for launch.

    Day 5: Launch Day00:17:44

    Here we are, end of week 1.

    We’ve learned how to start living essentially by figuring out what we should say “Yes!” to.

    We’ve discovered the power of little wins by improving just 1% a day.

    We’ve unearthed the dopamine loops in our lives and have began transferring them from bad habit to good habit.

    We’ve created a comprehensive check-list for success and have eliminated decision fatigue by planning tomorrow today.

    And now it’s time to bring it all together to start implementing our newfound entrepreneurial mindset that makes being a full-stack digital marketer truly attainable.

    While this may be the end of week 1, it’s merely just the beginning of your journey.

  • Day 1: Airspace Navigation00:23:07

    Welcome to the 1st day of week 2. This is where we're going to really get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to become a Full-Stack Digital Marketer. Now that got your entrepreneurial mindset right, you’re now ready to start approaching the online market like an ad buying genius.

    Through providing massive value and using the strengths that personally make you unique, you can begin to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. But in order to get in front of the right eyes, you’re going to need to learn how to generate traffic and start turning it into scalable revenue.

    This is where creating well structured funnels allow you to track every move your customers make. With proper tracking we now have all the necessary information you need to know exactly how much to profitably allocate for your ad budgets.

    Furthermore, improving your understanding of the user’s online journey can create marketing campaigns that offer congruency. Congruency is key to creating a seamless user experience and to continue guiding them down the funnel.

    Day 2: The Art of Ads00:26:38

    Today you will start creating your own imprint in the online world. The best way to do this is to write ads that are not only professional but are also proven to have high conversion rates and turn ‘window shoppers’ into avid customers.

    Pro tip: The best ads are the ones that not only offer value but also prompt the users to feel emotion & take action.

    That’s why we go on to dissect several ads whose structures have been proven to convert at an extremely high rate time and time again.

    Incorporating great creative with an undeniable offer is a sure fire way to establish a sense of trust through your posts. But we have to put in front of the right people.

    Which brings us to the next & final step for today’s lesson - How to Laser Target your Ideal Audience. Through proper implementation of these proven strategies, paired with constant optimization, we are now able to convert at much higher rates & increase ROI exponentially.

    All in all, learning how to systemize your processes in an online world that is rapidly changing is detrimental to ensuring that you have a reliable and predictable work flow.

    Day 3: Directing Lead Flow00:19:18

    Today we learn how to generate traffic to any product, any website or any artist by simply utilizing all the key facts at hand.

    It all starts with lead generation and that requires creating a system designed to reach qualified buyers. Although it isn’t difficult to generate leads, not all leads are created equal. That’s why create processes to help re-screen leads and take the qualified leads you get down your funnel.

    Here we begin to create leads for every stage in the funnel, which will in-turn lead to a higher conversion rate as well as a higher retention rate while remarketing.

    Hot remarketing is marketing to customers that have already gone through many of the earlier stages in the funnel. These are the people you want to send an email to in order to give them the encouragement they need to complete the final steps and make the purchase.

    Day 4: The Art of the Auto Responder00:15:05

    In a market where sellers have to work as hard as they do in order to obtain leads, we’ve simplified this by creating a step by step system in order to sell and remarket to customers and potential customers using autoresponders. It is crucial to market to every strong lead in order to create a successful full-body marketing campaign.

    Like we said before, not all leads are created equal, but once the list is narrowed to the customers that are most likely to convert, we can use autoresponders to communicate and market to them. These automated messages help you get in touch with more customers as soon as they leave you their email. You can then follow the proven to convert email structure taught in this video to create remarketing campaigns with the leads that you have already obtained.

    Following the structure and making sure you’ve added proper CTA’s will ensure that your consumers engage with your content and become customers.

    Day 5: The 4 Piece Combo00:25:24

    There are so many events and factors that go into obtaining the incredibly short attention span of a customer.that’s where the 4-Piece Combo comes in.

    A complete system that can take strangers on the internet and turn them into customers.

    Although this is easier said than done,imagine learning a system that has proven to work with any type of campaign. You can use the structures shown to advertise to the customer all that they could potentially gain from purchasing your product.

    If you're providing both value and a call to action button in the least deceiving way, you're creating an experience that though very easy to make, will influence the user to engage because the structure guides them through mentally committing. Although structure is key, the offer has to be good in order to reel in the customers.

  • Day 1: The Media Buyer's Paradox00:15:54

    Have you ever been so stressed out that you didn't do what you needed to get done or simply forgot about what you had to do and had to deal with the consequences? Life is only as easy as one makes it.

    If you don't plan ahead, how do you expect to be prepared? There's a lot of things you can do in order to minimize stress and optimize your productivity. Living life without clutter is a way to keep yourself and your mind from worrying about what doesn't matter. If we know this information, then why is it that we continue to make the same choices that lead us to having these unsatisfactory feelings?

    One way to implement change is by making small changes to our routine that will in return help us be more organized and furthermore become a better version of ourselves. The bigger the change, the higher risk of failing we have but If we start by improving one small aspect of our daily routine at a time, progress and change will follow.

    Day 2: Right Angle00:17:12

    When an ad pops up on your screen, people will sometimes feel frustrated because it's right before the content creator spills the beans or shows the juiciest part of the video but has an ad ever been so intriguing or appears like something familiar, that you actually watch the entire thing? Has a headline ever stopped your scroll while you’re browsing through facebook?

    It’s true, if you spend time creating good angles and good content, you will always see a profitable return. It is a known fact that people make some of the most important decisions based on emotion. How you proceed to attack those emotional triggers is based on the campaign and your brand but if you’re able to do it, you're already one step closer.

    If you're looking for a cruiser motorcycle, would you rather buy an affordable japanese bike or a Harley Davidson, the ultimate American motorcycle that comes with a lifetime of heritage and respect on the road?

    Day 3: Macro Branding00:24:09

    Welcome to week three, day three of Traffic Pilot : Macro Branding, where we’re gonna show you how to turn your brand into a bimodal masterpiece. Most brands are too focused on pumping out products that they forget that the most important thing they have is their brand name and what comes along with it.

    Products come and go, but if a brand goes, it's very hard to come back. In every case, it is always more favorable to spend a good amount of time working on establishing your brand and making it a household name that way customers keep coming back to your brand for who your brand is as a whole not just for what you’re selling.

    Brands must be able to have two sides to them, on one side it must be commercial, meaning that you’re giving something to the user that makes them want to buy. And on the other hand, it must also be able to cause an emotional reaction from the user, inspire people or cause happiness.

    Day 4: Macro Branding PT. 200:18:24

    Now that you’re ready, let's get started on building your shopify page, there are endless widgets and apps that you can add to your store but how will you know which are worth buying and which ones are a ripoff?

    Trial and error can always be a way to find out but when you have to pay real money you may want to decrease this learning curve as much as possible.

    From setting up a theme for your page to the upsell widgets, you may be thinking that starting a shopify page is the hardest thing in the world but with our training and expertise you will avoid misspending money that could be going towards something more useful, like scaling down the road.

    Day 5: Learn how to make videos with Lumen500:33:45

    Learn how to make videos with Lumen5 and use them in top of funnel video view campaigns to cultivate your own custom audience for as little as $0.003 per viewer. To sign up for Lumen5, click here.

  • Day 1: Full Stack Theory00:16:18

    We’ve gone over the how to’s of having a full-stack media buyer mindset, but in Week 4, Day 1, we’ll cover the full order required to understand the importance of maintaining a full-stack theoretical framework. You know ecosystems, right? Well, Facebook is essentially the same thing, and the full-stack buyer is the fittest organism of the new economy.

    So what does it mean? The goal here is to not simply chase money but to perfect whatever value you bring instead. The money you make will be a byproduct of the combination of the quality of your value, content, engagement, offers, and connection to the data. So how do you acquire customers at a cost-efficient rate for any business? You need to learn how to read the data and organize it in a way that will let you know every facet of your ads.

    It all begins with the mindset that makes you capable of making any account do well. Then, you learn the tools of the business manager and how to organize a universal dashboard to get a nice, easy flow that you need to analyze all that data. Developing the full-stack theoretical framework is key to learning everything else that comes up this week & beyond.

    Day 2: The ALLEY-OOP Method00:20:13

    Just like animals working together to produce a stable ecosystem, your campaigns work together to produce one solid result in the same way. How? You want to string your campaigns with intent-based remarketing. However, you gotta be selective and you have to change things up. Otherwise, people will get bored of your ads and you’ll have a huge problem on your hands. So how can you cultivate your own intent-based audience? The Alley-Oop method works to do exactly that.

    Think about a basketball being lobbed up to a teammate who grabs it mid-air and dunks in one motion. Now imagine the dunk is remarketing conversions campaigns and the set up is video views campaigns. The Alley-Oop method provides a way for one to highlight the problem and the other to come in and solve it, making remarketing a whole lot easier. It’ll help you break through new accounts and get a quick ROAS off the bat that can get you spending more and start scaling.

    Day 3: AI & You00:28:27

    Want to make your job, management, and campaigns a lot smoother? Inside Day 3, you’ll find out about machine learning and how Facebook absolutely loves it when you provide its algorithm with data so it can rank content and improve itself. Simply put, working with machine learning allows you to win the auction while doing less work. So how does it happen? You follow the 3-Step ad buyers framework for congruency: Framework, Implementation, and Scale.

    First, you start with the Heat-Seeking Testing Method, find something that works, move on to the Pitchfork Method and give your ads enough chances to get enough conversions per day to keep the machine learning optimized. The theory is that you set the initial conditions, including daily budgets and platform options, then let the algorithm go to work and do the optimizing for you. You just set and forget.

    Next, you implement the organization of campaigns by angles, using dynamic creative to find profitable “strings”, duplication into pitchfork, and raise the budget to scale. After waiting and seeing results, you should know what variables are going to be cut and which ones will be kept. Take the good; Drop the bad.

    Finally, it’s time to scale. You’ll learn to take the best performing CBO and raise the budget, repeating after seeing results, getting optimized campaigns that use proven dynamic creatives. By the time you’re done with the formula learned here, you will have taken an account to 1 proven winner spending $100 per day to 2 proven winners scaling to $4K per day. Of course, all this is possible because of the Facebook algorithm helping to make your life easier.

    Day 4: Manual Bidding & Campaign Stacking00:25:01

    So you got your solid campaigns going, but how can you ensure that they keep running efficiently? You want to increase spending without increasing the CPA, right? But before you get there, you gotta understand the 3 types of bidding (Auto, Cost Cap, Target Cost) and how each work to get you the results you need. Then, you need campaign stacking that will take you from being a pretty good media buyer to breaking through that threshold of $5K a day.

    It’s all about getting the big picture of how you look at your campaigns and build a clever stack so that they all work together to get you that blended ROAS. You’ll be able to build strong remarking campaigns to complement your cold campaigns. Plus, you’ll be able to use attrition rates to find funnel leaks that will let you not just solve the problem but use it to put optimizations. This is key to dictating the message that will get people to the place you want.

    Day 5: A Full-stack Conversion00:26:55

    In Week 4, Day 5, you get to see the foundation we use to buy in all our accounts – Starting from the complete beginning until it’s eventually time to scale. We’ll show you with actual results how all 3 bidding types we learned about are used as tools to accomplish specific objectives. You can even see how we use hybrid models to flip the switch when Auto wasn’t cutting it. These are all practical, real-world examples and results meant for you to duplicate and use in your account.

    Just knowing about the different types of bids isn’t enough, you have to know how to use them effectively, adapting to any scenario, and even getting them to work together. So where do you go after breaking ground on an account? It’s all about campaign stacking. Start with page likes and video views in order to get everything moving. Then introduce your Autos, start splitting out using manual bidding once you’re at that target level, and stack everything together.

    You’ll get insight on campaign stacks big and small, how to get a nice blended CPA by finding the combination of high volume, higher costs & low value, low costs or even using Bid Cap on remarketing. It’s all valuable info to know in order to run things adequately with social advertising, and it’s an important piece that will get you ready for eventual scaling.

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    Based on the latest peer-reviewed studies in cognitive science - it takes an average of 66 days to truly develop a new habit.

    Traffic Pilot gives you the framework & tools to reprogram your mind and establish new character based habits that will make you successful.The catch is, it’s going to take 66 days. That’s it. Commit to 66 days, invest in yourself, and it will work. After that, if you didn’t think it was worth the time ask for a refund and you get your money back no questions asked.

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